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New Rising

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Jul 7, 2011
What screen brightness do you guys have your Bionic set? Mine was at 60% but then i put it down to 40-45% to see if it would save battery and hasn't really seemed to make a difference. I have the screen brightness widget so I know exactly what the percentage is. Does having it set lower really make much of a difference on the battery?
I use auto. Works very well, better than my Incredible when it was stock. Seems to run the entire gamut form low to high when needed unlike my Incredible.

The screen is very efficient. If your using 4G and/or wifi and you want to conserve battery as much as possible I would use the maximum battery saver mode. In your settings go to battery. Or you can setup your own battery saver schedule

If your not in a 4G area turn it off and use CDMA NOT CDMA/LTE. Under Mobile network settings.
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