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Help Screen is shrunk and can't unlock the screen

My Droid Turbo fell in water. I did the usual, rice, kitty litter, etc. My phone vibrated for days. Once it stopped I charged it for 24 hours and tried to start it. It started up normally and then went to a white box that said "optimizing apps". Once done, my home screen popped up and then quickly shrunk to the top of the screen. My home screen takes up only the top half of the actual screen. I can't swipe, tap, or do anything except go to the lock screen or power it down. It appears to be unlocking by hitting the power button, but when linking it to my computer for a repair it won't recognize my phone outside of the boot mode, so it must be locked. Please help me! I have so many pictures of my kids. I went past the cloud storage and didn't move them before this happened. Thank you!!


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