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Help Screen not very touchy


Jul 15, 2013
So I just got my L9 a few days ago and I noticed the right side of the screen doesn't seem to pick up my finger very well and that I have to apply more pressure than I am used to using on my HTC Evo. When I swype text it doesn't pick up my complete words if I swype lightly. Does this phone have a less sensitive digitizer or do I need to return mine as defective?

Thanks for your help. I know sounds stupid but after using the same phone for 2 years, this one just seems to need more force to get my movements recognized.
had the same thing, installed SGS screen booster, and increased the sensitivity to 60 from the 30 it's set from factory, and it made a world of difference. Supposedly the jellybean update fixed that issue.

Nice find on that app! :)

So the sensitivity was fixed with the latest OTA, cool beans.

I've never really experienced low sensitivity with the devices I've owned. My gut reaction for anything like this is to have a tech check it out, hardware failures happen.
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