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Screen-Off Memo feature from Note 5, for Note 4


Sep 9, 2008
Nashville, TN
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This is what I'm noticing with my ATT GNote4. Please let me know if you guys are seeing the same.

Before installing this app, I always had Action Memo set to launch instead of Air Command when the SPen is detached. But now when using this Screen-Off app(when screen is off), when I detach the SPen, both the Yellow Action Memo AND the Black Screen-Off member launch at the same time.... one on top of the other..
I guess there's no way to prevent the yellow Action Memo from launching with this app? See, I still like to use the Action Memo feature on SPen detach when the phone is on in normal conditions. So setting SPen detach to None is out of the question.

Also when detaching the Spen when screen is off, the screen comes on for a second and goes to the black Sreen-Off app.

Thanks so much.
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