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Help Screen Pulsing


Android Expert
Jan 9, 2010
Anyone have a weird problem where there screen pulses ? Gets brighter or dimmer as you access different applications etc...

I thought it was my auto brightness but even with it off it still does it . The only time it's not as noticeable but still is doing it is when it's on max brightness .. I think it just started happening over the last couple days.
it will dim in an app, like foursquare. Usually when it has to access their DB, or when you are waiting for their servers to return a response.... then get the response and it goes back.

Dunno if it's an android feature since this is really the only app IIRC that does. And it's a great feature, checkins can take 30+ seconds, so why have the screen at full brightness. Brilliant!
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My RAZR did this twice so far. First time it was followed by an unresponsive screen that I had to do a hard reset to fix the other day.

2nd time was after the OTA update. It didnt freeze like before, just went away after some seconds.

Pulsing is a good way to describe it. And with my RAZR it continued to pulse even if I didnt touch anything.
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