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Help screen touch calibration..

is there such a thing for the HTC desire?
Yes, and it's built-in to the settings for the keyboard. I've never calibrated my Desire as the default settings work just fine for my fingers.
also, is there a app that lets you see how many multi touch points the htc desire has? i saw some youtube vids where that have this app and they put as many fingers as they can on the screen and scribble around.
The Desire uses a 2-point multitouch display. At first I thought it was an issue, but I've never found it to be a problem since I only use 2 fingers to pinch/zoom or type or whatever, not 3 or more. So if the need to use 3 fingers is your thing, look elsewhere. But if you're a human, you probably just use 1 or 2 fingers at a time.
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Selection of what?
Is the touchscreen working OK otherwise (if it is then it's probably a problem with this app rather than the touchscreen, whereas if it's working badly for everything that's a different matter)?
And what device do you have - this particular thread was about the original HTC Desire from 2010, and I doubt you still have one of those (OK, I do have one, but it's in a drawer and I've not turned it on for years).
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