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Help Screen wont come on but everything works


Jul 17, 2013
So I bought a Galaxy SIII from someone on craigslist so I could fix it. The phone still turns on (I know this because the LED comes on, the lights under the buttons, and the speaker still plays the sounds.) When I turn it on though, it will make a sound like I received a notification, but then it plays a sound similar to the emergency weather sound. (If you cant think of the sound we all know, youtube it, I cant post links). I could probably figure out more if I could see the screen. Before I remove the screen, I would like to see if anyone knew what this was so I don't waste any money on this device. Can anyone help me?
Ill look into that, my first idea was to see if I could display it on my laptop so I could still control it, but it was stuck as a media device and I also needed to set it to debug mode. :/ I took it apart to see if the ribbon for the screen came unplugged, and saw the stickers for the water damage changed. I think it was that, he dropped it, or it was a bad screen. I got it super cheap and figured I could just replace the screen.
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