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Help SD card need to be installed right away??


Sep 1, 2011
I'm waiting to get my GS2 phone as soon as att to releases it to us later this month but while waiting I'm reading up and trying to learn as much as possible about the GS2 phone beforehand.. With my present WP7 if you want to add a SDCard you need to do it right off or if done later all apps, info, photos ect. on the phone is lost and has to be reinstalled (not to mention there had been LOTS of problems with adding Sdcards to a wp7 phone)..
My question is can you just add a SDCard anytime to the GS2 without any problems or will there be repercussions if done later??

Thank you in advance for all replies!!
Most of the apps will be using the internal memory of the SGS2 as they recognise this as the SD Card even though it's internal (MNT\SDCARD). When you add an external SD it is MNT\SDCARD\External_SD. SGS2 memory is confusing, because most apps are not used to seeing more than one SD card. The only app I know of that can tell difference is the stock Camera app.


Yes you can add an external SD at any stage and there won't be reprocussions. Most of the time (not just the SGS2) if you connect the phone onto the desktop and copy all the contents to desktop, disconnect phone. Add/change SD card, connect the phone on the desktop again and copy all the files back onto the new one everything should be fine. Note that most SD cards have to be disconnected or ejected properly otherwise corruption will occur. In windows it's right click the drive and select 'Eject' and on the SGS2 it's Settings, Sorage, under the 'SD Card group' select 'Unmount SD Card' to make sure everything is closed before the card is pulled out of the phone.
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