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Accessories SD Card type?

What type of Mini SD card fits and works in the Incredible?
What is the difference between SD and SDHC? Then what is class 2, 4, 6 etc...?


I will leave the 1st question for Inc. owners, I am just a visitor.

SDHC is the SD High Capacity which is 4GB and above.
The class is the speed of data transfer, 2 slowest and 6 fastest, keep in mind that the faster the more expensive the card would be. And sometimes you will not see any benefit by getting the faster card due to the device's speed.
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I'm using this card without problems:

Kingston 8 GB microSDHC Class 4 Flash Memory Card SDC4/8GB

Amazon.com: Kingston Class 4 microSDHC Flash Memory Card: Electronics

SDHC just refers to the higher capacity (≥4GB). The largest supported on this phone is 16GB.

Class refers to the speed of the card. I don't know if the phone can take advantage of a card faster than class 4. And even if it can, I didn't feel is was necessary (and it's much more expensive).

Class 2: 16 Mbit/s (2 MB/s)
Class 4: 32 Mbit/s (4 MB/s)
Class 6: 48 Mbit/s (6 MB/s)
Class 10: 80 Mbit/s (10 MB/s)
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