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Root SD card won't mount or be formatted


Aug 12, 2012

My desire started to unmount the sd card by itself and then would refuse to remount it. The data was still readable by usb storage mode. So I just backed up the fat and ext partitions and reformatted using disk utility. This worked for a few weeks.

Today, the same thing happened, but now, whenever I format the sd card using my laptop and turn off usb storage (which I have to do from within 4ext recovery, not cyanogen), the sd card is still unmountable. If I turn on usb storage again, my computer says the card needs formatting again.

Totally at a loss. Broken SD card? Broken SD reader module?
Yeah, it was originally formatted with gparted before it went wrong the first time. I've got another sd card at home, but I'm away till september, so I was hoping the issue was something other than broken sd card.


I've managed to get it working again by formatting using diskutility, then putting something on the fat partition, then mounting it in the phone again.

does that mean that the issue probably isnt the sd card?
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