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Dec 26, 2012
I have just taken delivery of new tab2 10.1 and purchased a 32gb sandisk micro sd card. I have formatted this both on the tablet and also a mac and then put the sd card into the laptop to transfer 7gb worth of pdf files, mp3's to the card before inserting it into the tab. I initially all is well -I can open the files but after a few it will say the file cannot be opened and then no files can be opened and some directories report blank. If I physically pull out the card and reinsert it will work and then die again. Eventually it wont mount the card and then it needs to be formatted and then the loop begins again. When i took delivery of the tablet immediately updated to JB from ics so i dont know if its an OS problem or card issue or maybe tablet card slot issue.

Can anyone advise on what they think it is



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