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Help /sdcard/Podcasts won't display in HTC audio app


May 6, 2010
For an hour now I've been trying to get some podcasts I downloaded on my PC to the SD card (/sdcard/Podcasts) to show up in the HTC Audio software. The only way I could play them was to go into the Astro file manager and play them individually.

I tried added them to a playlist from Astro and then they would show up in the HTC Audio app with their tag information. However when I would try to play the playlist, I would get a message "SD Card Not Found" or something similar.

After this message I figured it had to be a path issue so I renamed the folder to "/sdcard/Other Music". After that it worked.

So just a warning to others, files located in "/sdcard/Podcasts" for some reason might not show up in the HTC Audio App.


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