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Help Searching for 4G when wifi is on


Android Enthusiast
Nov 29, 2011
The building I work in lately has bad 4G signal indoors. Luckily we have wifi. For some reason, my verizon m8 still frantically searches for 4G, even with my wifi on and connected. To the point that the phone gets warm to the touch and the battery will drain 50% in a couple hours. If I turn off mobile data, things return to normal and my battery life is great again. I didn't have this problem before moving to this particular building. When I leave work, it's not an issue anymore - just at that building.

Question is, why do I have to turn off mobile data? I want it to stop searching for 4G when I am connected to wifi. Anyone know how to fix this? Are other's m8's like this, or is mine defective?

thanks all


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