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See ya later iPhone!

Nice, too bad you got to wait a couple weeks to join in the Android revolution. =\

You'll still love it no doubt though, especially that you're getting the next newest one to hit the market. Though there could be bugs with it... meh I'm being pessimistic. It'll all be good, you really can't go wrong with it.
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I'm probably older than you guys. I was in silicon valley when Apple was one of the kings, but they had a proprietary architecture (read that "greed"), the PC was "open" architecture and all the developers wrote software for the open platform. Apple was about to go completely bust and Microsoft rescued them. Now with the iPhone it is like De ja vue. They had the phone market cornered but again, proprietary vs. open architecture, everyone is developing apps for the open architecture, and of course it is much more flexible and growth oriented as an open system. Bye bye Apple & iPhone.
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