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Accessories Seidio Desktop Cradle

Got the Seidio Desktop Cradle, Here is the link, and here is the information from their website.

This product is not compatible with the CONVERT™ and is not guaranteed to be compatible with other manufacturers' products.

This convenient desktop cradle keeps your phone charged and ready to go. Sync and charge your HTC Inspire 4G/Desire HD without the hassle of removing your SURFACE™ or ACTIVE™ case with our included cable or dock your phone vertically and conveniently use it as an alarm clock with your own wall outlet charger.

- Convenient desktop charging cradle
- Syncs and charges your HTC Inspire 4G/Desire HD vertically for easy viewing
- Features our signature soft touch coating
- Discreet power LED on the back of the cradle
- Removable plates enable compatibility with a bare device, SURFACE and ACTIVE cases
- Charge using the included micro-USB cable

Theses are mostly sporadic thoughts. The "Soft Touch" coating is really nice, its like very soft rubber. The cradle fits perfectly with the innocase active, which I have. The little sleeve for using the cradle without the case also fits perfectly, although the sleeve is glossy where nothing else on the cradle is glossy. The cradle has 2 very large rubber feet on the bottom. My only issue is the backing piece, I wish it was a little bit longer, I have trouble getting the angle right to get the micro USB into the slot. Over all I like the cradle a lot, I wouldnt necessarily say its good looking, but I think it makes the phone look much better. I love the presentation of the phone in the cradle.

Please dont judge my based on how messy my table is.




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