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Seidio vs. Mugen


Feb 1, 2010
Looking to pick up one of the monster batteries from these companies, 3500 and 3200 mAh respectively...

Does anyone have any real world, hand-on experience with these batteries? I like the size of the Seidio, but the black back cover looks hideous. The Mugen is not as big, however the cover matches the stock color, which is a plus. Here is the kicker, the Seidio is a good $20-30 cheaper than the Mugen. Do I sacrifice looks for performance and price?

Also, I saw that HTC makes an OEM back cover for extended batteries, will this cover fit the Seidio battery?

Thanks a bunch!!!
I can't answer to the 3500 size, but I just installed the Seidio 1750 mAh - which you don't need a replacement cover for - and it's working extremely well. 2.1's battery optimization combined with the larger battery has allowed me to use my phone fairly heavily - lots of bluetooth calls, all data synchronization on, no task killing, switching between wi-fi and mobile network, but one is on at all times, and I get through the entire day without having to charge the phone.

So I'm guessing if you got the 3500 - you'd be able to HALO jump into a jungle and walk home before the battery ran out.

I used Seidio's batteries on my Treos as well, back in the day - and was always happy with their capacity and how long they lasted. I've never used Mugen - so I can't comment on the company.
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