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Accessories Seido Active Blue?


Nov 1, 2010
I searched around to no avail, but im planning on buying the Seido Active in blue, but i wanted to see pictures of the blue because the colors on the website are usually a little bit off than than the legit product.

Anyone got it and want to show it off?? :D
you forgot an 'i" in Seidio.

Amazon.com: seidio active

3rd down

ahaha i thought it looked wrong.

nah im not talking about limited edition, the other one looks better imo. i just heard it looks diff than the pics thats why i wanted someone to take a pic of their own case so i can compare.

i would so get the white one but it would get dirty quick :(
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I don't have one to do a photo, but I have seen the Active Blue. The Active Blue photo from Amazon's site is pretty accurate. I just bought one as a gift, and it was very dark blue with a pearlescent (sp?) tone to it - if anything the photo's not quite dark blue enough. It's so nice looking I ordered one for myself. Looks very good with navy blue jacket/suit. I was concerned it would look too girly since my wife has one in pink with the pearly hue, but the blue is nothing like it. It's not flat rubber like black, but really the hue makes it look better than it would if it was standard black.
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