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sense UI / slidecreen and battery


May 19, 2010
Not got my legend yet, but ordered yesterday sim free, for my three network sim.

Wondering what sort battery usage does the sense UI use and if I disable the sense UI from manage applications, will it require a reboot?

Does it reduce the number of screens you have and then if i install slide screen will the twitter and facebook etc. still work as does slidescreen rely on anything from sense to work?

zippy, take a look here:


My last post is the closest I've got to not running SenseUI.

Not sure what impact it has on the battery.

On a side note, I got my Legend sim free too... from play.com - no issues at all. Had it for about 5 days. No faffing about re: waiting for firmware update like the Vodafone boys :D
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*Yey, Legend. :)

Most people thought I was mad but the Desire it too popular [already!] for my liking. Also, having played with both side by side, extensively, I was sold on the Legend... the feel, the qualtiy, the looks, the size. Despite its lower spec, I have a good feeling it will be sufficient for my needs :).

Sorry for offtopicness!
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