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Help Service not available


Aug 3, 2009
My Galaxy is unlocked and is normally using an Irish SIM card. I went to Denmark and inserted a Danish SIM card and set up an APN connection. This worked fine for about 5 hours where I was able to make and receive calls and surf the net. However, now it just says "No Service Available" and there's no signal. The Danish SIM card works fine in other mobile phones. I have had it out 4 times with no luck. The Irish SIM card works fine as there is a signal.

Anyone got a suggestion to a possible solution?

Many thanks!
Assuming u didnt get it second hand (in which case the guy probably used his insurance to say it was stolen and sold u the phone) you can try to flush the forbiden PLMN list.

In another phone do a manual search and select every _other_ network it finds. You should get no access of course. Then finally do a manual search and select your own network.
The effectiveness of this highly depends on how the 'other' phone you use implements its FPLMN buffers.

Finally, if it doesnt lock on automatically, then do a manual network search on the samsung and select your network
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