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Settings - Data Synchronization - Background Data & Auto-Sync Question

Good day all,
I just joined the forum today.

I've been using MyTouch for past 2 days and I've been having a tough time searching for "Settings - Data Synchronization - Background Data & Auto-Sync Question"

My questions are

* What does Background Data actually sync? I've noticed Market app requires it to be turned on but are there more apps requiring it to be activated?

* Where can I find Auto-Sync frequency? I've looked and searched but it doesn't seem to allow users to define the interval.

* iPhone has Push & Pull option for data, in another words, when apps are being launched, it will start pulling data from the server regardless which apps are being used. Do we have that luxury?

Thanks in advance and I did use the search feature but didn't find anything other POP3 or IMAP settings which is irrelevant to the questions of mine.
I believe this is a good question. Especially since T-Mobile or HTC or whoever decided that no one would want a detailed user manual of all the settings on their phone. Which I find to be a very large oversight.

Anyone have a link to detailed notes about each and every option in the Settings menu? Or perhaps a link to an actual users guide and not a piece of foldout paper with some pretty simplistic instructions on it?
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