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Settings for use overseas


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Aug 8, 2010
A friend of mine bought a Wildfire yesterday. Tomorrow he is heading off to Africa for 6 weeks, and as this is his first smart/Android phone I have been helping him get things set up. He will be travelling through Africa from South Africa to Sudan, so he is unlikely to come across that many Wifi areas. I have warned him about international data charges. Please could somebody give me some advice about setting up his phone so that his mobile data is switched off by default and what he will need to do so that he can sync his e-mail and Facebook manually when he needs to. I myself have a Desire, so I assume the Wildfire is similar. A quick answer would be much appreciated as I won't see him after this lunchtime. Thanks.
this may be to late but ill reply anyway. all those settings can be located in the about phone of the wildfire's settings. just turn off international data roaming then he will be able to connect manually when he needs to. also disable the sync feature in settings which will disable facebook and email from automatically updating
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