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Help Several Questions


Jan 10, 2011
hello all, most of these i already tried searching for, but was unable to locate an answer that helped.

1.) is there a way to remove the silence between music tracks using the default player? if not, what player(s) do you guys recommend me getting (preferably free lol)?

2.) every time i start up my phone, it scans the sd card and it takes way too long. how could i turn this off? is this recommended?

3.) how do i keep the screen from turning on every time i adjust the volume up or down?

i'm sure i have a few more, but i can't think of them now. thanks!
just to update: i tried doubletwist and it asked to sync up with my library, which i did not like. if i wanted that, i would have just bought an iphone and use itunes.

anyways, i tried winamp and some other one that i can't remember now and both of them did not have the option to remove the silence. it's really annoying!
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