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SGN Return Question + Signal


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Nov 8, 2009
Verizon gave me 14 days to return my SGN. After the 2nd day I exchanged because of no signal. I tried the new one but no go.

I absolutely LOVE the phone but 1/2 the time I cannot get signal. Here is a picture comparing the SGN to my droid X and a Droid Charge.



I consistently get lower signal on both 3G and 4G and oftentimes have no signal and cannot get on the web. I've repeated this experiment multiple times at different places but I wont' bore you with tons of pics...

I know we have been promised and update but I can't keep a $300 phone based on a promise that it will work later.

My question is this: in these two weeks I dropped my SGN and scuffed up the side. Do you guys think I'll have trouble returning it? I know under normal circumstances this would be a no no, but I was encouraged to wait for better signal by VZW and they didn't deliver. I feel like I shouldn't be stuck in a $2000+ 2 yr contract with a phone that doesn't work.

Here is a picture of the scuff:


What would you do? I bought this directly from VZW over the phone.
I would make sure you call Verizon at least once about your poor signal, let them see if they can help, and ask them to document this in case you have to return it. If you have to return it for lack of signal, it will be much easier if you've made an attempt to let them help you. Then I think this can be done as a warranty return and you should be able to avoid any high fees for the damage.
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I have successfully returned a Thunderbolt after it was scuffed by my Grandson. I had a radio problem with it and called support. They documented my issue and referred me to the cooperate store here for exchange and documented my issue. I took the TB to the store and had them look up the support call then showed them the damage on the phone. They didn't hesitate to replace my phone and I did not feel poorly about the exchange.

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