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Help SGSII Startup problems


May 18, 2011
I just received my new SGSII phone today, charged it to 100% and started using it.
Went through some settings and started downloading new apps from market, after 30minutes of use, and downloaded about 10apps, the last app that was downloading and installing was: Skype.
The screen started flimmering, and would not respond, also the screen went on a lower brightness.
I held in the power button to turn it off, now it wont turn on anymore.

Ive tried taking out and in the battery, theres no "charge" battery when i charge it, its just plain and simple.. Dead..

Anyone else experienced something with this? Is there anything i can try, or do i have to send it back..? Kinda irritating been waiting for this phone for 7months.. :p

Thanks in advance for tips & help!
Thought so, damn.. Oh well, probably gonna be 2 or 3 weeks, unless they find some way to turn it around and say its a user error :)

*Talked to the service guys, they are sending me a returnbag, arriving tomorrow and should be fixed within 3-6days as it is a high priority. Im gonna miss this beautiful phone :(
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