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Mar 14, 2010
I just picked up the SG7+ from Tmo. It gets very warm without running any apps or streaming. The heat issue worries me...it seems excessive and I haven't even put it in a case yet. On a 1-10 scale with 10 being to hot to touch I'd say it was a 7.5...are others experiencing this heat issue or is it normal?

Also notice the battery life is dismal...with screen brightness set on 95% I'm losing about 1% of battery life every 2-4 minutes of use...this occured while setting up my new tablet not streaming movies, music, or using apps.
Congrats on your new tablet, but something doesn't sound right to me. I have the 16gb, Wifi version and it does run a little hot while playing games, it's never happened while sitting idle. And the battery isn't the greatest, but I'm getting much better action that you are. I've noticed a few battery drains will come out of nowhere, so that's a little worrisome, but overall nothing too concerning.

I suggest giving it another week of good use and see if the issues resolve themselves. If not, you should try to exchange it for a new model.

Good luck!
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The battery performance of my tab is excellent and it generally runs cool unless there is some intensive processing (I do not play a lot of games, but some video streaming will cause warmth).

Post a screenshot of your battery usage. Something is using your battery at a rapid rate. On other devices, I have experienced heat and extreme battery usage even while in standby when the gps is enabled and some locator app is running.
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Thanks for your reply!

Well I found a few other things that were squirrelly...when opening a photo in the camera app the flash would stay on and wouldn't turn off until I powered off the tablet...also sometimes after opening an app it would disappear while using and would go to the the home screen. I exchanged it today and this one seems to be working much better:)
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