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Help Shortcut Icons change after Android 11 update

Al Fresco

Jul 15, 2020
Shortcut Icons change after Android 11 update

My shortcuts are changing to generic android icons a few minutes after a restart.

Every time I restart the original icons are displayed then then change to the generic after few minutes.

See the attached screen shots.

How can I prevent this from happening?




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That's why I stated you use 'Clear data' as opposed to 'Clear cache', but its still not a definitive solution, just a guess that the launcher is the source of the problem.

I cleared the Moto launcher data which reset my home screen to the default.
This had the effect of deleting all of my internet shortcut and app icons which I had placed on the home screen.

It has now been 24 hours and none of the icons have changed to the generic android icon as they did before.
So, this has been solved but the solution was a bit radical.
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That is unfortunate, but I'm not sure there are other, viable options in this instance. There was a corrupt config file buried in some obscure directory, and actually finding where and which one would involve a lot of time and effort.
But time will tell, let's hope that did solve the problem and it doesn't return.
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