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Shortcut or something similar for specific app functionality


Feb 7, 2023
Ok guys,
Maybe an impossible thing, but I’m going to ask anyway.

Since a few weeks, my mother has a hearing problem. She already had a hearing aid for one ear and now the other ear is having problems as well. because her good ear doesn’t work for telephone calls, she uses Bluetooth functionality on her hearing aid to use it with telephone calls. The only problem is: if the hearing aid is constantly on this setting it creates problems of noise and other unwanted side effects.

Now my question is: she uses an app to set the hearing aid on different settings for different situations. (Bluetooth, induction loops, busy places, that kind of presets).

Is there any way with android to be able to access this setting quickly from the Home Screen via Some sort of widget, or maybe assign a button or something, so she can turn on and off the Bluetooth setting of the app?
We looked at turning off Bluetooth altogether, but this isn’t really the solution because she also uses other Bluetooth devices (watches, speakers).

It would be great if there is a solution for this, hope you can brainstorm with me?
Tasker might do the trick.
In the play store, free.
Not sure if it'll do what you want but worth a try
I don't think Tasker will work here. It can open the app, but it can't navigate to the app's settings.

Unfortunately, if the app does not come with a widget for this action, there is not much you can do. Maybe you can try contacting the app's developers and ask them.
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