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Shortcuts disappearing


Android Enthusiast
Feb 17, 2010
Halifax, England
Hi all,

This is a really weird one and I haven't been able to find a post from anyone else with this problem.

I've got a new Hero, running the bog standard 1.5 and it's not rooted. On one of the home screens I created a folder I called "System" and put some app shortcuts into it. On another home screen, I have a folder called "Misc" with a number of shortcuts to various apps.

A few days ago, I was certain there were shortcuts to a couple of apps in the System folder that had disappeared. I hadn't manually deleted the shortcuts and hadn't uninstalled the apps. I thought it must be just me and recreated them.

Then, I created the Misc folder and I know I had around six or seven shortcuts in the folder when I did it. Today, I opened the folder and there are only two shortcuts in there. Again, the apps are still installed and I know I haven't removed any shortcuts.

Even uninstalling software doesn't get rid of shortcuts you create, so it couldn't be that anyway.

So, have any of you heard of this happening? It's really weird and I'd put it down to me going mad if it weren't for the fact that it's happened twice now.

EDIT: Even stranger! I've just done a google search for "android shortcuts disappearing" and it seems there are others out there experiencing this problem. Looks like an OS bug to me then.



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