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Should I or shouldn't I?

As most people will confirm on here, turn the brightness up to 100% when in bright sunlight and it's no worse that most other phones out at the moment including the Samsung Wave with it's Super AMOLED screen.

Personally I don't have any issues with it in Bright Sunlight. I turn brightness up and I can easily see what I am doing and as it happens, I don't stand with the screen pointing at the sun on that many occasions really!!! :)
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the screen does suffer in sunlight, it's usable but i must admit for me its the biggest flaw the phone has.

My battery lasts around 35 hours normally, that said if I use WiFi alot and other battery hungry apps then I can rinse the battery in a day.

Most smart phones have terrible battery life, most require daily charging. I have gathered from reviews that the new iPhone battery life is about the same as the Desire.

The music player on the desire is let down by not having an EQ, so if you want a decent music player too then you might want to look elsewhere.
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Thanks for your replies folks.

I understand how these phones hammer the battery with all the additional features, I've noticed that I have always used the most I can from previous n95 and e71's and they required re-charging daily, however, the ability on the G2 to have switches to control connectivity on the first screen helps me maximise my battery usage.

I've managed since November with my G2's screen and still love the thing.

I'm a little gutted the 1.5 to 2.1 has taken so long, would have liked to give it a try


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