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I have a world generic xperia x10, and i was wondering should i root my phone, or should i wait for android 2.3 update?

I apologize for my english :D
entirely up to you, if you feel you could benifit from rooting, do it.
If you dont know what rooting could do, or just want to do it for the sake then wait / dont bother.
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I have mine rooted... On a day-to-day basis, there's no change at all. Still working fine, works the same actually. BUT I've rooted it to try new roms in it and than install a brand new rom in my other phone.

If you're thinking about changing it in someway, I say you could try to root.
If you're happy with it the way it is now, and doesn't bother about any change, just relax and enjoy it the way X10 is ;)
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