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Help Should I start over??


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May 17, 2010
I was able to upgrade to 2.1 last night using an older laptop in our house running Windows XP. Today I have had all kinds of issues I didn't have before and am getting really frustrated with the phone.

First of all, it STILL won't work with my regular Windows 7 laptop. We seem to have double Samsung drivers installed on the thing and can't blow them off the computer, so that might be the issue there.

Second, I turned the phone on after charging ALL night and started trying to get it back to "normal" by restoring things with my backup pro. I was semi-successful, but had a problem reconnecting to gmail. It kept hanging, giving me fail messages, etc. So I went to the K9 app and got that to work.

third, TWO hours into all this my battery was down to 15! Before this it would go down fairly quickly but not until several hours later and I was getting a full day's charge out of it.

fourth, it seems slower and just not as responsive. Honestly I liked it better before the update.

On a positive note, the camera is nice. ;)

Did I do something wrong? Is it worth flashing and reinstalling 2.1 again? Would that help? Ugh.

I am still in my 30 day window and I am seriously considering changing to the Hero or waiting for Evo. But I do like the keyboard on the moment.
Thanks. I figured it out and did it, but am still having issues. For one thing it kept giving me a message that I had exceeded the number of deletes for contacts (I hadn't deleted any) and seemed to be having synching issues.

We have background data off and a bunch of other things now. We'll see how it goes. Any other ideas?
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Wish I could help, but I never had any of your problems. You might want to try resetting the phone and setting it up with a new google account to see if it's a server side issue. I have 2300+ contacts and because of that can't get use voice search which responds "server problem". If I set up a new account it works great till I import the contacts. If it's not on the Google server side and your still having issues, you might in the upgrade have uncovered a hardware flaw in your phone. That's not unheard of. I'm guessing on this, hopefully someone else can offer you more informed help. Good luck!
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