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Root signal back to being horrible after root

so i rooted my incredible 2 with the revolutionary method got the s-off and all that and am running incredible 2 hd rls 1.

i remember before the end of 2011 they pushed a update ota that had a radio update that boosted my signal nicely. ( unrooted at the time)
since rooting i have now gone back to that pretty bad signal and dropped calls.
i have dont the *228 and updated my roaming such. but is there a rom that uses the new radio update or can i flash that my self ( safely) ?
Unfortunately, that is not entirely true. I recently rooted using the same method. the end result is a different radio. It is according to my HBOOT. The latest radio is I have tried SO MANY links to this radio tonight, and none of them work. Is this a fluke thing? Chrome fails to load all the links.

PLEASE, where can I find this latest radio? please check the link before you suggest it. I hope it is just a fluke with my browser...
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I've never flashed a radio before but the steps seem pretty easy. Couple of questions though. Should have have anything specific turned on or off before attaching the phone to my computer? I.E, USB debugging, Mount USB, etc.?

I just want to make sure I don't forget something not listed in the directions that will cause me problems. Thanks....
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I was going to do it that way using the file you provided. Then I read something on another forum about verifying the md5sum, so I thought i'd do it the long way using adb commands. If you are sure the file you provided is good, i'll just do it through HBoot. I just need to rename the file P32IMG, correct?

I actually tried it once using your file, but saw something flash up on the Hboot screen about wrong update or no image and got scared so I said no when asked to start the update. Does what I saw make sense? Is that a normal thing to see?
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