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Help sketchbook error


Sep 7, 2011

First post here...

I just bought a Flytouch 3 8GB 512MB Disco10, and made the update of Tim 5a rom. I bought the tablet to use sketchbook, any versions...anyway it just keep crashing and such. Always get the message: Force to quit. I tried many versions, only version 1.2 of mobile will start...but is very slow and eventually crash.

After that I tried the original rom, and lower revision of Tim's Rom, with no luck. Some software like Andraw and fresco are interesting, but I would have prefer the real deal...I do read some peoples are running this thing on flytouch 3 and I wonder how.
The viewer log says this:
desk.sketchbook: 97% = 97% kernel/fault: minor 26, major 1
a couple of : No window to dispatch pointer action
then: activity timeout history records
force finishing activities.

I always see the quick tour, then when I get the blank screen with the small circle, I click the circle and the error happens.
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