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Help Skins & Scenes Troubleshooting


May 18, 2010
Haven't seen anything on this, so I apologize if it's been discussed elsewhere.

Upgraded from my Eris to the TB, adjusting to the minor tweaks in 2.2 and the updated sense UI. Something I've been having a problem with are skins. While a little trivial, I love the scenes options: my daughter has 1, I have separate ones for work, school, travel, etc. But the addition of skins is messing with them. I have created my custom scenes and thought that each scene would load with the specific skin I applied, but when I switch between scenes, whatever skin is currently set carries over. Then when I go to edit the new scene with the skin I prefer for that set up, it wipes out my wallpaper settings and I have to reset those as well.

Again, I know it's something silly to be spending time on, but is there a way to lock in a specific skin with my custom scenes so I don't have to keep editing them each time I switch?


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