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Sleep when plugged in?


Nov 22, 2009
Yesterday I exchanged my Eris for a new one because the screen brightness on my old one was too dim. Now I notice that when I plug in the phone to charge, the phone stays awake. On my first phone it would just go to sleep when charging so my awake time was usually around 15-20%. When I took my new phone off the charger this morning it was up to 58% :eek:.

My gf's Eris also sleeps when being charged so I'm thinking mine is the exception now. I'm thinking of calling Verizon tech support later but wanted to see if this happens to anyone else here.
If you're charging your phone, the Awake time will be 100%. This is okay though. The phone has a limiter or something similar built in that helps re-circulate the electricity once it's charged up to 100%...so you can leave it in overnight and it won't hurt the battery. Leaving it plugged in for like 2 days? Probably not the best idea.

The phone is great, don't panic.
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Thanks for the reply, not panicking just "concerned" ;). I thought it was strange because with my first phone when I plugged in the charger the screen would time out as normal and the phone would be asleep, but on this new one the screen will always stay on unless I actually press the endcall/sleep button, and even then it's not technically "sleeping" as evidenced by the awake time.
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Under Settings>Applications>Development there is a 'stay awake' setting. Uncheck that and your phone will go to sleep while plugged in.

That's awesome, thanks a lot. I'll try it out tonight.

(BTW it seems like a really unusual place to put that setting. Shouldn't it be under Display settings or something rather than being buried under all the menus?)
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I've noticed since updating to 2.1 the phone doesn't sleep while charging again. I went into the Settings > Applications > Development and "Stay Awake" is un-checked. This is the only time my phone stays awake for greater than 10-15% or so. I'm sure it's not a big deal, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I usually just restart the phone after it's done charging and it's allllll good.
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