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Smart stay not working after 4.3 update. Few questions


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Feb 20, 2013
Port Richey, FL
I'm on t-mobile, unrooted and after the 4.3 update smart stay no longer works. Not with the default web browser or anything else. The icon will show, but it won't do anything. Everything else still works fine.

I know I'll have to do a factory reset to try and fix this, so here is what I am wanting to know.

If I make a backup in kies of my phone will it be easy to reinstall all of my apps, ringtones and what not? Will all of my paid apps from google play be re-installed when I apply the backup after the factory reset or will I have to reinstall them from google play? I dont mind doing a factory reset, but dont want to loose how I have my phone set up.
Kies will reset the phone, maybe not exactly the way you want it, but close - but ...

If you received ONE 4.3 update, wait for the second 4.3 update. It's supposed to fix the bugs that the first one caused. Without having to do any resets.

Is t-mobile slated to get a 2nd update? t-mobile never got the update that all other carriers got prior to 4.3. This is the first update they've received since the phone came out.
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