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Smartphone noob, protection questions

Hi, just to give you a background, I am looking to get the Xperia Play in the US (once it's available for pre-order tomorrow). I have never owned a smartphone before, but I have a deep love for Sony and their PlayStatoin brand (I love gaming), and I think now is the time to make the move.

I wanted to ask, what kind of protection do you provide for the phone, or does it not need it? I'm talking cases, screen protectors, etc. Is this necessary? I'm a bit anal when it comes to taking care of my stuff, so keep that in mind.

I always hear of Invisible Shields. I ask you now, are they good? I also see these around: Sony Xperia Play FULL BODY LCD Screen Protector Skin | eBay

Anybody ever have any luck with those? I'm just wondering how you protect your phone, if at all.

I realize this is a small problem, but since I play on buying the phone next week, I figured it's best to be prepared when I finally get it!

It is really a personal preference thing. I currently have a slim case on my Fascinate. Being that it is so thin to begin with, the extra thickness of the case isn't an issue. With the Play having a sliding mechanism and already being thick, I don't think a case will be a good solution (I tried a few cases on my slider Droid 2 and they all had one issue or another - and added to the bulk significantly. So for my Play I would rather have something like you describe - really just a protective sticker layer to prevent the occasional scratch. Check Amazon and UniqueSkins.com and SkinIt.com - they have different designs that are not just clear.

I also run my Fascinate without a screen protector. In over 9 months, I've been careful enough not to scratch it, and part of that is the supremely tough glass they use. I don't know if the Play has the same hard screen or not, so I'll likely get one - better safe than sorry.
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I've never bothered with any protection on my phones, but, like you, i have an issue that I am rather anal with.

I detest having anything in my pockets!

I can just about manage to have a phone in there so there's never any chance of the screen getting scratched by loose change or keys etc.

I have clumsily dropped my Play, once, from about 3 feet onto concrete floor & no damage done, back & battery even stayed on which surprised me!
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