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Help SMS Random number

I was texting someone back and fourth I have an evo and she has a droid 2. One text that appeared to come from her as it was part of the conversation came from a different number that I have not seen before. I can not call the number as the message I get is the verizon customer you called can not be reached. But I can respond to that number and the person responds back. I am not sure what is going on. I had to call verizon and they told me it was a prepaid account. I need to know if she is telling the truth that she texted me from her phone and the fact that the other number it showed up as from and the fact that that person is seeming to be someone different could be true? Could it actually happen that someone else's working prepaid number showed as the sender on my phone from the correct person. Or does she have two phones. Or did she text it from someone else phone?

I am conducting a reverse lookup but fear because its a prepaid number that I will not be able to get much results. I know there is an application that can let you plant messages in your sms thread to make it look as though you sent it from your phone so I can't check her thread to see if she did send it. I don't trust her as she messes with my head. But it is important that I figure out what happened. Is there a way I could get information to prove that the message originated from her phone or that it originated from the new number. Or that verizon screwed up and made a mistake so that I will be fine.


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