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Snap a pic from video?

I just updated to 4.3 on AT&T and I can't find the picture save function on the stock video app or any others I have.

That kind of stinks - I actually used that function.

Edit to add - I can take a picture during recording a video, but don't see where I can take a still from a video while playing back a video.
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Did you enable 'Capture' in the video player settings?

Edit: Using Note 2 with 4.3. When playing the video in video player, press the menu key and select settings. You should see 'Capture' and check the box beside it (it is unchecked by default). If you do not see this, then the carrier removed this feature and not Samsung.

Thank you so much for detailing out the setting on this. I had no idea it was a setting, but it's now back for me on AT&T.

Don't understand why they disabled it as the standard setting...
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