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Snesoid/Gameboid very slow... Any workarounds?


May 23, 2010
Ok so I got my Sprint Hero a couple days ago, and one of the first things I did was download Snesoid and Gameboid. Added some roms, and they loaded up fine, except they are so choppy, it is not playable. In attempts to make it run smoother, I cleared everything off of my main screens, and used Advanced app killer to make sure everything was off. Still, not much better. I was wondering if anyone has any clues as to what I should do? I am thinking about getting a Class 6 micro SD card, I heard that it would help, but would it help that much? Please let me know if there is anything I can do. I have searched Google for many different possible solutions, but none of them have worked so far. Any ideas?

I am running Android 2.1; it isn't any faster than 1.5 as far as the emulators go FWIW.

And I already posted this in the Games section, nobody there was any help so that is why I am posting it here if you are wondering.

Lastly, is it true that the full version is faster? Doesn't seem like that would be true


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