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So are you guys storing to SD or Internal Memory?


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Mar 18, 2010
Have you been putting your music, pics, videos, etc., on your SD, or your Internal 8G? I've been putting most on my 8G Class6 SD. Just felt like the phone would continue to run better if that Internal Memory wasn't loaded up? What do you guys think....opinions....?
With my class6 SD card, it has been just as fast as with the internal memory....and I almost want to say faster?

You may be right but I'd guess it's more of a placebo effect.

I highly doubt that the DI has the technology to take advantage of class 6 speed. I'd venture to guess that the change in classes has little to no effect on file rendering with the phone.

I have a 16gb class 2 that works absolutely great. No lag between songs. Songs stored to the microsd.
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I have a 2gig SD and 8 of internal (Incredible) so I moved all my music to internal. Music player is fine but now neither Ringdroid nor aRing nor Sharetones will see the files :(

I miss being able to make ringtones from my music files right on the Droid....not sure if there's a way to work around this. If not, it's a consideration re: where to store music.
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+1 I leave the phone internal memory available to the system, and I am not so anal that I can wait a second or two for my music to start playing from my SD card. I also store my photos and video shot with the camera on the SD and it plays just fine.

I don't believe the internal storage is "available to the system" since it is a separate partition. In other words, use it or lose it. I may be wrong though...
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