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So... Desire Vs. Desire HD?

Hey All,
I'm planning on getting my first smart phone in the next week and after lurking here and on a couple of other android forums for the last few weeks I had settled on the HTC Desire. I know it's getting a little long in the tooth now but it still appears to be the best phone out there for bang for your buck. Well, at least until this evening when my carrier started a new offer of a Desire HD plus another android phone for less than half the price of the Desire. Of course this is with a new contract that I'm not entirely sure I want to get into but that aside, I have a few questions for those in the know.

1. How do the two compare to those that have used both?

2. I see that the HD uses a 2nd gen version of the snapdragon SoC but I can't seem to find any comparison's for the 1st and 2nd gens. Is there a huge difference in power consumption and the graphics? I ask 'cause I'll probably end up with quite a few emulators installed and I'm thinking mainly of psx4droid.

3. The other main issue I'm worried about is the size of the screen. (I can't believe I'm about to type this) Is 4.3" too big? (I'm really sorry ;)) I'm not much of a one for manbags so I'll be carrying it around in my pocket mostly.

4. Is rooting the HD as straightforward as with the Desire or is there anything I need to be aware of?

Thanks in advance to those who reply with thoughtful, intelligent answers and to those with smart-arsed replies to Q3.... Yeah, I'd probably take the piss too :p
Manbags are great in summer but the hd will fit in a pocket. But too big for me.

The std desires main drawback is storage but you mention rooting, so if you're looking to go down this route, it sorts this out.

Gaining root access to the hd is mostly done via visionary app from what I can tell, but not sure how they're flashing roms without custom recovery so they're using something else for rooting to do that.

2.2.1 on hd is currently unrooted apparently so they're awaiting a break through there

That's all I know
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After having the Desire Z and all the trouble it is to try and flash it, I got tired of it and it is now on E-bay. The flashing of the Desire z and the HD both require something calles S off which you have to jump through so many hoops it is not worth it. I would suggest that you read up on it very closely because unless you are a whiz with command prompt and all of the other specialized software you need you may find that you are wasting your money, I sure did!!!:rolleyes: I am not that great with all of that Command Prompt stuff and you have to use it and the terminal emulator on the phone to do it!!!
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I have the Desire and my housemate has the HD (posted this before)

I prefer the AMOLED on my Desire but I don't think you'd get that option now anyway.

I personally find the HD too big. I suggest you find one to hold.

The limited internal storage on the Desire is HUGELY annoying, you won't have this on the HD.

The graphics capabilities of the Desire are quickly becoming outdated. The latest 3D games are going to struggle/not work. The HD is more capable (although still not up there with Galaxy S/Nexus S)

We both find the battery life of our phones around the same and that they usually are in need of a charge by late evening if not a top up sooner..
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Thanks for the replies guys. Having had a chance to check out the DHD in person I think I might go for that one now. I'm going to get a chance to use one over night later this week to be sure. It's actually not as big as I'd feared, slightly shorter and only about half as thick as a DS light. I've been carrying one of those around for years. As for the rooting of it. I've had had a look at the rooting guide and while I don't fully understand what's going on there it looks pretty straightforward so long as I don't try to think for myself at any point throughout the procedure. SO I guess I've just 2 other questions.

1. Should I root as soon as I get the phone or is it worth getting to know the os and phone first? It looks as if many of the security apps like Theft Aware and Mobile Defense need the phone top be rooted in order to work best.

2. Does the Desire battery charging trick work on the HD? You know, the charge for 8 hours on, then one off, then turn on for two minutes then off then charge again one?

Thanks again guys...
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