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so where/when can i pick up a multimedia station dock?

Do you have a BJs locally? I purchased my Droid there on launch day and they were stocked with what seemed like all the first party accessories (case, screen protector, nav dock - I don't recall if they had the media dock, but it might be worth a look).

In the meantime, have you tried DockRunner from the Market? It places your phone into media dock mode, but without the hardware.
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Non work with any sort of protective add-on. Bodyglove, etc, etc, no workee... So poor designeee

I've got no problem removing the case to dock it. The same for my iPhone. I have a stand that requires me to slide off my case. It doesn't bother me at all. I usually just plug it in if it's real quick, and remove the case/dock it for extended periods of time.

It also gives me a chance to clean it more often! :cool:
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very interesting. Went to verizons site and there they were. odd. I looked there earlier today at work and didnt see them. Thanks for the tips, and yeah, i did the ACC20 and it worked great. Thanks again!

Awesome! I ordered the Dock a couple of days ago, and went ahead and ordered the shell/holster combo today. The ACC20 code works on both. I have no idea how long the discount lasts, but with free shipping AND the discount, it's cheaper than getting it at the store!

Glad it helped! :D
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Got my Car and home dock at Best Buy last weekend.. the employees didn't even know what I was looking for but I just looked around myself and found them. They are a little more expensive(the car mount at least $39.99) theirs comes with a car charger when VZW doesn't $29.99 so a Charger for $10 not too bad
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