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Soft bricked HTC one M8


Feb 28, 2016
Guys and Gurus
Hope you all doing well.

I have a problem which I cant fix at all and looking for SOS asap.

What I did
Followed this http://htconeroot.com/htc-one-root/how-to-root-htc-one-m8/ and rooted my HTC one M8
Installed TWRP using updatesu_v_1.94. But failed with errors
Accidentally took "NO BACKUP"
WIPED off everything on phone including boot partition ( I am not sure).

What I tried ?
1. RUU update from HTC site - tried various versions, but every single one fails with Signature Error (132)
2. Tried to copy files using adb into /sdcard and installed Updates_su_v_2.24 but failed
3. I can get it to fastboot mode, but cant install any ROM and OS
4. SU update says , No OS installed, do you want to still boot ?

Attached are images for reference, please help


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I think you have some of the steps that you have listed under where you say "what I did" a bit confused. Also, you can't just select any RUU and expect for it to work - you are S-ON so the RUU needs to be signed (completely unmodified) and needs to match your phone's CID and model number.

I'll need you to provide some more info first.

Do you have a Win PC/laptop with the adb/fastboot tools installed? You can get it here if not:

ADB Guide (updated 2014/11/11)

along with instructions to install.

Reboot phone to bootloader and plug in to PC (so you see FASTBOOT USB on bootloader screen). Open a command prompt window in the adb/fastboot folder on your PC - if in Explorer hold shift + right click, and pick "Open command window here" from context menu.

Then type:

fastboot devices (this is to check fastboot connects to phone ok, it should also return the phone serial number)

If it does, then type:

fastboot getvar all

and post the info the command returns here but scrub out your IMEI number and serial number.
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Hi Saltire

Thanks for your inputs

Here is the information, please advice

C:\Users\hiten\Downloads\Fastboot\Fastboot>fastboot getvar version-main
finished. total time: 0.001s

C:\Users\hiten\Downloads\Fastboot\Fastboot>fastboot getvar all
INFOversion: 0.5
INFOversion-baseband: 1.25.21331147A1.06G
INFOversion-cpld: None
INFOversion-microp: None
INFOversion-misc: PVT SHIP S-ON
INFOserialno: HT45EWM07167
INFOimei: 358714053933291
INFOimei2: Not Support
INFOmeid: 00000000000000
INFOproduct: m8_ul
INFOplatform: hTCBmsm8974
INFOmodelid: 0P6B10000
INFOcidnum: H3G__001
INFObattery-status: good
INFObattery-voltage: 0mV
INFOpartition-layout: Generic
INFOsecurity: on
INFObuild-mode: SHIP
INFOcommitno-bootloader: dcdaa6e0
INFOhbootpreupdate: 11
INFOgencheckpt: 0
all: Done!
finished. total time: 0.178s
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Hi there
Tried this one, but failed as well , any ideas
C:\Downloads\Fastboot\Fastboot>fastboot flash recovery cm-12.1-20151117-SNAPSHOT-YOG7DAO1K1-m8-recovery.img
sending 'recovery' (17986 KB)... OKAY [ 2.183s]
writing 'recovery'... INFOsignature checking...
FAILED (remote: signature verify fail)
finished. total time: 2.831s

thanks in advance
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Hi ya

Yes I have TWRP, but also tried to install Cynogenmod.
Right now the status is Unlocked with S-ON
And have a image flashed into the device through recovery on the boot loader.

Now please tell me one thing.
The phone should be unlocked, s-on to flash a recovery image ?
I have done this --> fastboot flash recovery cm-12.1-20151117-SNAPSHOT-YOG7DAO1K1-m8-recovery.img with s-on
Its pretty confusing, please help.

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Ok, can you remember at all what software version you were on before this happened? The version of TWRP installed via the rooting process you followed is I think a 2.7.x.x version and it seems to wipe info on the firmware version installed (why the OS entry in bootloader screen, and the version-main entry from the getvar all command are blank).

Edit: meant to ask, what happened in the first place to put the phone in this state?
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