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Help Soft Menu Key Google Play


Feb 21, 2011
Hi guys. New here moving from an iPhone 5s to the Note 3. I have a question that I hope you can answer before factory resetting or sending in for repair.

When I access the Google play store as of recent, the soft menu key on my new Note 3 doesn't respond. I am trying to access the settings menu and I'm still on stock android with no root. The Samsung rep told me that this is normal and to access the settings menu there should be 3 dots in the right upper corner in lieu of pressing the soft menu key.

I've already gone into application manager and made sure download manager is enabled, cleared the cache and uninstalled the updates to no avail. Any help would greatly be appreciated! Thanks
Actually, there are 3 bars in the 'Upper Left' corner that you would access to get to you apps and the menu that comes up has the 'Settings' in the lower segment. See Image attached


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