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Help Softbricked Moto G


May 8, 2015
My Moto G is not working properly. When it is on I get a loop of stopped processes for example com.google.process.gapps, android.process.acore and process.android.phone. I have tried booting into recovery but fastboot gives a bootup failed error. I then tried to restore a backup using the adb but my phone is not detected in cmd or even as a storage device although I have the Motorola drivers. Also, I did have usb debugging activated prior to this problem so it should still be activated. At this point I'm just hoping I can somehow do a factory reset. The bootloader is locked so I haven't ever rooted the phone and it is still under the manufacturers warranty

Extra information: The wallpaper has returned to the factory default - I'm not sure what this means.The phone also turns off by itself even though it has enough charge.

Any response would be appreciated.


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