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Help Software update trolling

Hi I'm new here,

Lately the software update icon have been showing up, but when I click it, it just load for a while and says "no update available".
If I go to "about phone" and try to update, it is giving me the same result.

I have check everything under "software update". current version is 4.0.3.

I get super excited when I see the icon :dancing:, but it bums me out when it is trolling me like that. :aetsch:
I also have been getting this in the last few days. I am not rooted.

EDIT: After reading through the post linked above, I am currently upgrading via KIES. Hopefully, this will end the upgrade notifications.

As above when i get the update icon my phone is due an update but this doesn't work OTA, I just need to connect to Keis and and asked if i want to update to the latest version, this s on unbranded international phone
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