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Help SOLVED: constantly getting "hotmail login failure" msgs

I've been using the standard Android "Email" handler to sync with my hotmail email account, and every once in a while (once a week or less) would get the "failed to login" message/notification... I recently changed my password and it started happening alot ... I fixed it (reentered password) and it continued to happen....then it would login/sync then it would take all 30 of the messages in the inbox ( I think that's the max number) and redo them all as unread. I would mark them all read, and after a bit it would announce "30 new messages" and repeat the process.

I am wondering if anyone else had this issue. I was thinking that the message could somehow be a spoof/hack trying to get my password...

I just switched to using the Hotmail app, no issues so far with that one...but it's only been a day...

Thanks for all the replies!

Using the Hotmail app (not the preloaded "email" app), I have had no further issues with this.

Junkie - I think you were right, it usually happened when I had poor signal or Wifi issues. But with the HM app, it just shows me a red triangle with a ! in it, and says "last connected..." with the last date/time it sync'd, but once it reestablishes a connection, it syncs and all is good.

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junkie2100 -
Yeah, the connections optimizer is one of the first thing I changed...and that was even before I started having those issues with the email handler/hotmail.

Just had to switch to Outlook app, apparently the hotmail app no longer works (i opened the app cuz I realized I hadn't gotten any emails in almost 1/2 a day...something that rarely happens...and right away it just took me to the "you must upgrade to outlook" page

SFSG using the Outlook app...been a whole day, functions pretty much like the hotmail app did...just slightly different interface, but NBD to switch.

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