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Help (Solved) Launchzone removal?

I personally find it useful as I can assign any app to any of the 4 outside zones and the Icons change. The Setup menu can be accessed directly using the Icon at the center right. For example you can place your favorite reader in the Read zone. I also put the Power Control Widget at the top and any App I am using a lot for some special purpose temporarily below the Launch Widget.
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Please be more thankful of the help you get. If you continue to act in this manner you will scare off the few left who might be able to help. The best course of action is to just let members post there helpful suggestions until you see the one that has the info you seek. This will encourage more members to help you if you have any other problems, instead of avoiding answering them. You can attract more bees with Honey.
Just a helpful suggestion. Do as you wish.
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This is a fairly new device. Give it some time and more people will populate this forum. You have the advantage in that you can help them with all the knowledge you acquire about the tablet. As far as getting rid of a system app (launchzone widget), you will have to root the device to do so.
When you figure out what to use and how to use it, post it in the All Things Root sub-forum and I will get it in a All Things Root Guide(I will have to add this once the device is rooted).
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