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Some NFC tag questions


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Dec 6, 2010
I was just wondering what y'all thought the best way to write to nfc tags was and then what the best way was to have them automatically read. I want to be able to program one to turn Bluetooth on and alarm volume to full. I want another to turn all volume off and turn airplane mode on. I have some more things I want to do, these are just the ones im thinking of off the top of my head. So, the point is, what do you think the best way to program these tasks is, and what's the best way to have them executed automatically when tapped? I have already bought preformated tags from tagstand.

Edit: Just realised this should be marked support and not general, sorry
I've been using NFC Task Writer. The dev hangs out in this forum, and was really great about fixing an issue for me really quick (alarm clock pro wouldn't open right). You can either create a list of tasks (open apps, change volume, change wifi, etc), create a profile, or launch a Tasker task.

So far I have one in my car that: turns up media volume, resumes the last song, opens Vlingo car, and opens Nav. (I also have a Tasker task that when I remove a headset/audio plug stops the song and turns media volume down)

And I have one on my nightstand that: Turns on wifi, turns up ringer and notification and launches alarm clock pro

Very cool stuff :)
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